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New Tracks by Multiple Genres ?

I'm not sure if I'm missing something... All I want to do is just browse new music, not "My Beatport Artist/Labels" etc, but the entire beatport...

Example: I Currently just goto Beatport homepage, click the "Tracks" tab, which shows me every track on Beatport with the newest showing first.
I then select multiple filter options to only show me just the genres & bpm ranges I wish to see, so I'm now looking at all the newest music that may interest me. Can I do this in crates? Surely I can view a feed that ISN'T "My Beatport".

- The multiple genre filter as mentioned above would be a great addition.
- Also a +1 for more tracks per page.

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completed  ·  AdminJason Wohlstadter (CEO, Proton Radio) responded  · 

Good news: we’ve added more genre support to Crates. You can now browse all new music by genre, including each genre’s Top 100.

Here’s how it works: Under the “My Crates” navigation in the left side bar, you now have “My Genres”. Add genres to this list, and you can then navigate to that genre and see new tracks or the Top 100 for that genre.

This does not include support for multiple genres in one feed. If you guys still feel that’s something you’d like, please open a new ticket for that to collect votes and we’ll see what we can do!

Example genre page:


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