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Feature: "Chart Score"

It's my understanding that Beatport doesn't release the number of times a track has been bought or played, correct? One way Crates might be able to give tracks a popularity ranking could be thought something like a "Chart Score".

Every time a track gets posted to a chart, it gets one point. You could then sort tracks based on Chart Score to get a good idea of what tracks are blowing up. For example if I click on "Black Cow" by
Booka Shade & Yaruba it appears on 30 charts by my count. That would give it a Chart Score of 30. Maybe too popular? While "Bercy (Xxxy Remix)" by Sau Poler is only on one chart ATM.

If you could further filter by date, that would be the best. So if I wanted to see the hottest tracks in the last month in My Beatport or another Crate, I could filter by date then sort by Chart Score. Or if I wanted find hidden gems I could sort in the other direction.

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Jay Gregory shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
AdminJason Wohlstadter (CEO, Proton Radio) responded  · 

Thanks for the feedback Ryan – you’re right that we could capture a “Times Charted” every time we load the track, but tracks only get loaded when a user plays/selects them. This means the data would only get updated on tracks users are selecting, so I don’t think it’s that valuable.

The other thing is that not many DJs are posting Charts on Beatport right now, for various reasons, so I actually don’t think “Times Charted” is a very meaningful metric until Beatport expands their playlists/charts. It’s not a priority of theirs right now, unfortunately.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on this once we get access to the new Beatport API next year though, hopefully. :) Keep the feedback/ideas coming until then!


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  • Veteze commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Oy, typpos!

    On the call to beatport that gets the charts; you can get the chart count from that.

    TrackId, ChartedCcount, LastUpdatedDate

  • Veteze commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Really? I feel like it could be bolted on to what you're doing to mark the tracks as played.

    On the call to beatport that gets the charts you get the chart count.

    On http://crates.co/db.php?markPreviewed add a new property in there called charted.


    Where 99 is the count of the JSON array elements returned by Beatport.

    I imagine you're keeping a table of all the tracks I've played? Or is it more simple than that? json data?

    Yeah I have no Idea what the DB structure is on your side. LOL.

    I imagine you would have to create a table of tracks if you don't have one already.

    TrackId, ChartedAccount, LastUpdatedDate

    Insert a record if it doesn't exist.
    Update a record if it's more than a day old (this would get around anyone who is trying to hack this obviously hackable system).

    You're already melding whether I've played a track nicely into the UI, so the played count could just float right on in there too no?

    And then append a little filtery action up in the top right?

    Anyway. I have ideas! ;) I'm a development director in Canada so let me know if you want any unsolicited input.



  • Veteze commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey guys, this would be pretty awesome actually. I'm about 4 months behind in my list now and can't catch up and while I wouldnt always want to do this it would be nice to skip a couple months but still be able to filter out tracks have never been charted for example.

    Store the number of times a track has been charted. Refresh the value once a day? And then give us a filter that lets us set how many chartings a track should have before we see it.

    i.e. i'd love to filter out all the 0 charted tracks to get caught up to the current month. This would pull out about 80% of the songs I think.

  • Jay Gregory commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah, exactly! Then you can quickly see, compare, and sort instead of having to count them all up by hand. This would be a sweet "pro" selling feature. I know I'd pay a premium for that. I've also noticed you list all the times a track has been re-released as well. You could add these two together (# of chart appearances + # of re-releases) for an overall popularity/hotness score that would be much more useful that the "Beatport Top 10", especially if you could sort in each of your crates.

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