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Feature: Add Support for "Beatport DJs"

I really LOVE Beatport DJs, its the only reason why I still go to Beatport at all instead of using Crates exclusively.

If you're not familiar with it, Beatport DJs allows you to follow Beatport users who have created profiles in the Beatport DJ system. If you're following someone and they release a new chart, it appears in your feed. I've been building up the DJs (all of whom are generally producers and want more avenues to get people to listen to their tracks) I follow and now get four to five new charts every week, which provides a great cross section of what's new and being played out.

I have no idea if Beatport DJs has it's own API or not (you do have to sign up for Beatport DJs separately from your general Beatport account), but somehow getting this feed of charts into Crates would be fantastic.

If integration with Beatport DJs proves to be overly complex a quick fix would be allowing users of Crates to paste a direct URL link to a chart into crates, and have that chart be called up on Crates. Doing this I could just copy the URL link from Beatport DJs then could listen to it on Crates.


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Jay Gregory shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminJason Wohlstadter (CEO, Proton Radio) responded  · 

I’ve asked Beatport if the list of DJs you follow is accessible via the API, but it doesn’t appear so. I’ll update here if we here back from Beatport.

Building our own DJ follow system would be an alternative to consider, but it’s a bit messy considering Beatport differentiates between Artists (producers) and DJs.

In the mean time, you can easily access any chart on Beatport in Crates. If your Beatport Chart URL is this: https://pro.beatport.com/chart/springtime/343296

Then you can access it on Crates by putting that last number in this URL, like this:



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  • Jay Gregory commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Perfect! That totally works.

    Yes they do have to be followed separately, even on their system. If I follow an artist on Beatport Pro this does not sync up with their Beatport DJ account. I have to follow them on Beatport DJs as well. If an artist had a Beatport DJ account they can add a link to their artist profile page. When I find a producer I like I go to their artist page, see if they have a Beatport DJ account, go to that, then if I like their charts I follow them on Beatport DJs as well. Complicated up front, but the stream of new, quality charts is priceless!

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